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161 studies for timpani

This book is the logical successor to "Pauke-Üben".

In addition to his experience gathered from using "Pauke Üben" on a daily basis, Arend Weitzel has developed a series of new concepts which provide a completely different approach to teaching.

The 161 exercises in this book offer:

improved study concepts:
a) for working on typical rhythmical motives.
Analytical examination of rhythmic structures enables logical sequences of movement with various stickings.

b) for practicing timpani changes, from 2 to 4 instruments. The movement patterns relevant for playing several timpani are presented in detail and they can be practised in a goal-oriented way.

systematic development of each topic
…which guarantees efficient and thorough practice.

new, methodic approach
…allowing you to achieve the best possible rhythmic security.

specially developed, extraordinary exercises
….to train hand co-ordination.

ideal for all levels, both in lessons and for individual study
…for advanced pupils, students and professionals.

clearly structured, easy-to-understand configuration
…making topics easy to find.

extensive explanations
…with important and interesting information about contents and practice goals.

bilingual texts
... German and English.

various instrumental set-ups possible
….high timpani on the left or the right.

"This study book successfully presents demanding exercises that until now have been lacking in the music lessons and private studies of not only ambitious pupils and students, but also experienced musicians. With his systematic, step-by-step, approach, Arend Weitzel has developed a completely new way of bringing the technique of this instrument closer to the player. In these 161 exercises, the fundamental aspects of timpani technique are examined to the finest detail and viewed from various perspectives so that they shine here in a new light. I have worked with Arend Weitzel’s exercises for many years and they have been an indispensible aid to my professional career.”

Marek Stefula, Principal Timpanist, Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig

Text in German and English

Published 2006 by 3C musikverlag & notengraphik, Bochum
Available at Brandt - Percussion

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