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Prelude Warm-up Practice

Exercices for Timpani-players

In this booklet you will find on 32 pages 100 exercises for daily preparation for making music with the timpani (or other percussion instruments). The length of the exercises varies greatly: from just 2 bars to a whole page, everything is included.

Ideally, you should practice, prelude, and warm up on the instrument you want to play: the timpani.
If that is not possible, I recommend the timpani buzzing, which I have described in detail in my booklet 'Practice without timps'.
Practicing on the pad is the least recommended of these 3 options, because no pad can reproduce the vibration behavior of a sounding timpani skin. If you practice significantly more on the pad than on the timpani, it can have a detrimental effect on your sound and also on your speed. Timpani buzzing has the advantage that you work without mallets and therefore there is no rebound involved. This prevents the technique and playing feel from changing negatively, which develop significantly from the interaction of the mallet and the rebound of the timpani head.

Published 2023

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