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The definitive pedal method for timpani

A practical workbook

Ever since the invention of pedal timpani (ca. 1880), tuning timpani using the pedal has become a natural component of timpani playing technique. In individual cases, it could be an option to surround oneself with numerous timpani in order to reduce re-tuning to a minimum. But this only brings limited advantages when the goal is to reduce the overall work involved. One cannot assume that timpani (especially with animal skin heads) can always hold a specific pitch reliably and precisely for a long period of time. So players need to keep their ears open to the intonation of every timpani. This also means: the more timpani, the more work it takes to check them.

Another problem using several timpani is that the reverberation of many timpani hit consecutively sounds dissonant and disturbing. There is not always time to counteract this phenomenon by dampening them. In many cases, pedalling with secure intonation can be an elegant solution.

This is why a detailed exploration of this special area of timpani "handwork" helps you to be prepared for any situation.

The exercises in this book are meant to help you in this process.

I would like to thank Christoph Dörfler (Klassik Percussion & Service) for his support in providing photos for this book!

Published 2014 by Leu-Verlag, Neusäß

Available directly from the publisher: Leu-Verlag

or at: Brandt - Percussion

€ 22,00 + shipping


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