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The flying low Horn

26 greats for (really!) low Horn

For me, the marvel of great melodies is their ability to create a feeling of weightlessness: the sudden sensation of floating on air, or soaring like an eagle!
With this collection I hope to provide this pleasure for my beloved second instrument: the low horn.


As an enthusiastic hobby horn player, I was looking for literature in a really deep register that was playable for me and at the same time musically interesting. The search was sobering, own attempts at composition remained largely unsuccessful, desperate adaptions of contrabassoon literature unsatisfactory...

Finally the present collection of personal favorite melodies was created, which I abducted into very deep horn spheres. What all these melodies have in common is that, in my opinion, their greatness comes to the fore without any accompaniment. In many of the works I am also enthusiastic about the incredibly long and sometimes seemingly endless arcs of melodies and suspense, which in this register, of course, sometimes pose challenges in terms of breathing. But I didn't want it any other way! ...

Also available since 2022:

24 piano-parts for "The flying low Horn - 26 greats for (really!) low Horn"

Leu Verlag 2021

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